From a Handful to a Truckload
Supplying all your garden & landscaping requirements
Gravel, Concrete Mixes & Sand
Thanks to Townsville Mini Loads your next concreting assignment will be set in stone

Concrete Mixes (Dry)
Our dry concrete mix in 10mm and 20mm aggregate blends are a perfect base by just adding your GP powder and water!
10mm concrete mix is more suitable for core filling where our 20mm concrete mix is best suited to post holes and larger areas that need stronger binding.

We have 5 types of sand in stock and all can be used for different projects.
We have River Sand, Fine Sand and Bricky’s Mix and Top Dressing Sand, Thermal Sand
NOTE: Bricky’s Mix / Thermal Sand CANNOT be used for sandpits!

We have sourced the finest products for all those concreting projects and are available at affordable prices.

Crusher dust comes in a blue or purple colour and is great for under concrete, pavers and pathways, you can even try out
the deco which is fantastic for driveways and hardstand areas or even just a garden path, looks great in a light orange colour.
For a product with more rock in it try out the road base in a blue / purple colour which is great for driveways also.

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Supplying all your garden & landscaping requirements - “From a Handful to a Truckload”
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You can make your selection of the finest topsoil, the best and cleanest mulches, the prettiest stones and pebbles and we are foremost with your gravel and concrete mixes. We offer the best service from Townsville’s most professional team.


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