From a Handful to a Truckload
Supplying all your garden & landscaping requirements
Garden soil
Garden Soils are our definite specialty using local materials and keeping a close eye on the pH levels to ensure it is at the perfect level for gardens

Our soils contain an expert mix of sand, mill mud, manure (cow), organic mulch matter.

The mill mud content in our soils will put some nitrogen back into your plants and boost them up with the help of the manure mixed through as well. Ideal for all types of plants!

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Supplying all your garden & landscaping requirements - “From a Handful to a Truckload”
What we sell
You will experience the best selection of these great products. Check our great products to make your buying decisions!
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We are always trying to think of ways to help our loyal customers, so we decided to give you “MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”!
Truck hire
Our fleet has changed a lot over the past 30 years. Starting with no trucks to having 6 today! Call Mark for more information or quotes!
Who we are
We are owned and operated by the Shaw family who have developed firm relationships with all residential and commercial clients in this district!
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You can make your selection of the finest topsoil, the best and cleanest mulches, the prettiest stones and pebbles and we are foremost with your gravel and concrete mixes. We offer the best service from Townsville’s most professional team.


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