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We feature a range of rocks and pebbles sourced from a variety of locations throughout the north
They come in different sizes and colours perfect for any landscaping needs

Rocks and pebbles can also be a great way to add interest to your landscaping. By carefully selecting the right type and size of a rocks or pebble, you can create an eye-catching accent that will add both visual interest and texture to your yard. In addition, rocks and pebbles can help to regulate moisture levels and prevent weed growth.

As a result, they're an ideal choice for use in flowerbeds or on walking paths. If you're not sure which type of rock or pebble would be best for your yard, Drop into our yard and have a look at our range .

We have our 14mm decorative Red/Blue Stone from Charters Towers, Our Burdekin Pebbles, in 20 and 40mm with their beautiful decorative colours. Also our 20mm Pink Whites Stone from the Burdekin region featuring granite strains.

Then to our 20-40mm , 40-80mm and under 300mm Black River pebbles is a mixture of smaller and larger sizes of rocks with a natural colour from right here in Townsville
Then off to the Tablelands our 20mm Quincan Volcanic rock is not only decorative but the consistency make it suitable for orchids. and our decorative 20mm Black Chip from Tablelands. All are a perfect solution for any gardening project.

Moving away from the ornamentals our Crushed Aggregates come in a blue, redish pink colour which is screened to a uniform size making it perfect for under driveways and garden beds and for drainage trenches available in 7mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm.

Check out our up-to-date price list for Townsville’s best prices on Decorative Rocks.



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