5 in 1 Liquid 1LT Fertiliser


Searles are extending the popular 5IN1® Organic range to include a potent organic plant food in liquid form, 5IN1®Organic Fertiliser Liquid.

5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Liquid is a comprehensive mixture of cow, sheep and fowl manure, blood and bone, worm castings, minerals, natural potash and fish and seaweed nutrient. 5IN1® products are BFA registered and organic, giving you the confidence of fully organic products and quality results to use on your vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

5IN1® Organic Plant Food Liquid has been formulated as a comprehensive, balanced and long term organic fertiliser which will produce outstanding results for all types of plants. 5IN1® Organic Plant Food Liquid will provide strong, robust plant growth as well as boost flowering and fruiting.

1 litre bottle of 5IN1® Organic Fertiliser Liquid will make up to 200 litres of organic fertiliser.

Suitable for vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, indoor plants, ferns, orchids, roses, lawns etc.

NPK: 6.5:2.5:2

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Rich organic food in a bottle suitable for all plants.


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