We are a local landscaping supply business, located on Tompkins Road, Bohle.
We have a range of landscape materials from sand’s and gravel to concrete mixes and mulch!
Have a browse through our products in the comfort of your own home, by our catalogue and Access to our new specials each month, so keep an eye out for them!
We also have a small range of garden ornaments and wall art and Dog and Chicken food. You can also check out the catalogue for them and We proudly support Searles garden products and stock a range of their products also.

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Landscape Supplies

Hazardous Material Warning

Soils, Mulches and Potting mixes sold may have micro-organisms including bacteria, Fungi and Protozoa. When handling avoid breathing dust or mists and wear particulated masks if dusty. Wear gloves and keep moist when handling and always ensure to wash hands immediately after use!

If you are wondering now how to get your product?
We can help you with that also, we deliver from 1 Tonne to 32 Tonne Plus!!
We deliver to Townsville and surrounding areas like Charters Towers, Ignham Ayr!
We can arrange delivery outside of these locations also but you will need to contact the office about your request.

You can also come and collect your material from site using a ute, trailer, buckets and even bags!
We can also supply and fill 1 tonne Bulka Bags. You can also check out our schedule system! Book

Come in and see the girls in the office!!

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Monthly Specials

Top Dressing Loam $30.00 Per Tonne
Road Base $33.00 Per Tonne
2nd Grade Mulch $12.00 Per Meter
Deco $25.00 Per Tonne
Crusher Dust $34.00 Per Tonne

Special Conditions: All Specials are EX Bin and ONLY Apply to CASH SALE CUSTOMERS – NO ACCOUNTS
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